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best sleeping bag liner of 2021 for best hike experience

To search for the best sleeping bag liner, we have to understand the purpose. A sleeping bag liner is a thin and lightweight cloth sack designed to be slipped inside a sleeping bag. Also , It is an unglamorous piece of kit – but the most important one. It provides an essential function in both winter and summer times. Without a sleeping bag liner, it’s almost impossible for a regular or professional traveler. And if you are a regular traveler then you can’t ignore the best walkie-talkie and tent.

Most importantly, Choosing the correct item that money can buy is always essential, even for the sleeping bag liner. Finding the best sleeping bag liner is necessary for many ways. For example, it will protect your extravagant sleeping bag from sweat, rips, scuffs and a muddy camping field, even harden its durability. And it’ll provide a bonus layer of warmth and comfort to your sleeping experience, whether you’re wild camping or roaming across Scotland. Especially, It’s a means to your comfort and longevity of your sleeping bag.

However, If you think about hot weather for example southeast Asia, a liner can take the place of a sleeping bag and providing a thin, airy cover that won’t be too suffocating – particularly useful if you’re hostel-hopping. So the use of the best sleeping bag liner is inevitable.

Buying a Sleeping Bag Liner – What is important?

Substance: Sleeping bag liners are usually made of Silk, synthetics, cotton, or fleece. Some are the synthetic insulation sandwiched between the nylon shell, which means insulated so that the inside the liner’s warmth never gets exterminated. In the wintertime, the insulated liner keeps the inside warm, and at the time of summer, the cotton liner keeps the airflow so that the inner part doesn’t get warmer. So to keep the material in mind buying the best sleeping bag liner can be successfully achieved.

Silk sleeping bag liners are super lightweight, pleasant to the touch, and pack very small. Silk also dries very fast. The material is also naturally antiparasitic and can be knit into very thin fabrics. Therefore we can say that silk sleeping bag liners can be a good option for us.

Shape: Firstly, There are two types of shapes available in the market – first mummy, and second rectangular. It’s better to use mummy shape as it fits with the body shape and it perfectly holds the space that you occupy in the natural camping site. So for the complete comparison in the list is given below to give you a quick & clear view to find the best sleeping bag liner.

Size: Secondly, Several sizes of sleeping bag liners are available, which differ by length and hardly in width. Choose the size according to your body height.

The Review of Best sleeping bag Liner 2020

Here are the results – our top sleeping bag liners that’ll determine a good night’s sleep, whether you’re in a tent, camping on an open field, or an unknown countryside hostel.

  1. Sea to Summit Thermolite Reactor Sleeping Bag Liner
  2. Cocoon Silk Mummy Liner
  3. Sea to Summit Adaptor COOLMAX Traveller Sleeping Bag Liner with Insect Shield
  4. Cocoon Merino Wool Mummy Liner
  5. The Friendly Swede Sleeping Bag Liner




  • Best usable for Backpacking, Travelling, Hiking, Camping.
  • Mummy Shape.
  • Add at least 15 degrees Fahrenheit to your sleeping bag.
  • Stuff stack size is 3 x 5 inches
  • The material used here is polyester
  • Its dimentions is 82 x 35 inche
  • Its weight is 8.1 ounces

About This Product:

It’s a very suitable addition to your bag which keeps everything safe & clean. It’s very comfortable to use and guaranteed to add warmth to your sleeping bag +15 degrees Fahrenheit. Its look adds a gesture to its level and compact as well. You can also use Sea to Summit Thermolite Reactor Sleeping Bag Liner in warm weather you decide not to use a sleeping bag; it will be your sleeping bag for that night. It’s an excellent investment in your hiking inventory and one of the best sleeping bag liners out there in the market

Additional Features & Benefits:

No License or Service Fees: High-quality band frequencies with no fees.

Volume Knob: Allow the user to adjust any volume level easily and promptly.

Charging Dock: Reversible charging mechanism designed for the most convenient drop-in charging.

Vibrate Alert: Enhanced vibrating feedback to notify you of incoming transmissions.

Anti-Slip Design: For more assured handling, helps prevent dropping the radio.

Ultra Long Run-time: Can continue to use 12 hours (90% Standby / 5% Talk / 5% Listen).




Temperature Rating20
Item Dimensions LxWxH6 x 4 x 2 inches
Item Weight0.31 Pounds
Fabric Type100% Silk
About This Product:

Cocoon Silk Mummy Liner is a great product that will add much-needed insulation to your sleeping bag and give an extra layer of softness and comfort. And a stunning and stylish, which adds extra features to this excellent silk sleeping bag liner. It’s not bulky, and the bottom part is narrow to put your feet an adjustable and comfy feeling which will help your sleep.

It is usable for Hiking, Mountaineering, Backpacking, Camping, Cycling, Travelling. For Its built material(Silk), it’s very durable and thin, which is the best & unique part of this sleeping bag liner. It adds up to 5 degrees Celsius to your sleeping bag, which helps to keeps your body warm in cold weather. The material is well-packable, breathable, moisture-wicking, and quick-drying.

It can also be used as an extra layer for sleeping in the unknown cheap hotel even hostel to keep your body from touching the bedsheet. It’s beneficial and, to some extent, the best sleeping bag liner in the available options.




Size4 x 6 inches
Temperature RatingN/A

Item Dimensions


89 x 36 inches
Item Weight11.6 ounces
Fabric TypeCOOLMAX polyester
Insect RepellentYES
About This Product:

Sea to Summit Adaptor COOLMAX Traveller Sleeping Bag Liner is a very good looking liner which can be stacked in a very small sack bag to travel with ease although it’s heavy to be liner it provides you with a unique ability to repel insect which is the key selling point of this sleeping bag liner, in unknown field trips or hiking in the deep forest or high mountains there always a huge risk of dangerous small insects for the traveller. So here, the Coolmax polyester played the correct role by selling the liner, which will support the very best in repelling insects as an extra layer to keep the safety of the traveller.

It’s also very comfortable and secure to use as an extra sheet for the bed where you are not comfortable with the unspecified place or hostel. It also gives a good space for the body to move for its rectangular shape. It gives an extra place to use a pillow for better comfort. In the place of cold, it also provides additional warmth to your sleeping bag. You can also use as just like a bedsheet in hot weather. You can take this liner everywhere you travel. For its insect protection ability gives it a new aspect to be in the list of best sleeping bag liners.



Cocoon Merino Wool Mummy Liner


Size3.5 x 7 inches
Temperature RatingUp to 7 degrees Celsius
Item Dimensions LxWxH86 x 32 (shoulder) x 24 ( foot) inches
Item Weight17.5 ounces
Fabric TypeMerino wool
About This Product:

Cocoon Merino Wool Mummy Liner is made with a very rich material which is Merino Wolf, which usually doesn’t get scratch and gives you a comfortable feeling in cold weather. When this liner is added to the sleeping bag, you won’t have to think about the cold weather anymore; that will be more than enough. Even if you use it without a sleeping bag, it can provide you with good resistance against cold. It wicks away moisture and breathes to regulate temperature for outstanding comfort in a variety of conditions.

Most importantly, The drawstring is a huge game-changer. It cinching the drawstring adds quite significant extra warmth since it’s sealing in the heat of your body and around your head. The drawstring also gives you more options to balance the amount of heat the liner adds. About the softness or smoothness of the merino fibers, this quality is quite enough to use directly against your bare skin, particularly considering its wool. For its durability, it’s usable it long-lasting.

In conclusion, For being very lightweight, you can carry it anywhere without worrying. So if you are travelling to a cold continent, then feel free to use these sleeping bag liners. It’s the best sleeping bag liner considering the coldness of your destination.

The Cocoon Merino Wool Mummy Liner will increase up to 12°F (7°C) of warmth along with your sleeping bag.




Size41″ x 86″
Closure TypeZipper
ColorSilver Grey, Velcro
BrandThe Friendly Swede
Temperature RatingN/A
Item Dimensions LxWxH86.61 x 41.34 x 0.2 inches
Item Weight9.17 ounces
About This Product:

The Friendly Swede Sleeping Bag Liner is a rectangular liner, not a mummy design which is common in the market. Rectangular is much more roomy and comfortable. At 41″ wide, this is the largest liner you can get out there. Nice texture. Unlike another liner, it feels more like silk than taffeta, and it doesn’t stick. Quiet comfortable to get in and out of. There’s a long side opening that closes with Velcro tabs or zipper in some.

Rather than the most liner, this one is expendable up to the head. Moreover, It also provides a pocket for a full-size pillow to make your sleep comfortable.

Firstly, It is a rectangular liner, not a mummy design which is common in the market. Therefore, Rectangular is much more roomy and comfortable. At 41″ wide, this is the largest liner you can get out there. Nice texture. Unlike another liner, it feels more like Silk than taffeta, and it doesn’t stick—quite comfortable to get in and out of. Similarly, There’s a long side opening that closes with Velcro tabs or zipper in some.

Rather than the most liner, this one is expendable up to the head. It also provides a pocket for a full-size pillow to make your sleep comfortable. For those who want a liner for use in hostel beds or Third World hotels, this seems like a perfect choice. It has a full-sized pillow option and enough room compared to other liners.

Additional Info:

It can be washed easily in several ways like- Machine wash even dry wash too, so you don’t have to pay much attention to cleaning it. Like most of the liners, it doesn’t take up much space in a pack, and it weighs little. This adds almost 5 to 8 degrees of warmth to a standard sleeping bag. On a warm night, it can be used singularly. It can also be used for sleeping overnight on a sailboat, where you don’t need much coverage.

In the end, it’s a great product and much less expensive than the usually branded liners in the market. It will fulfill your expectations.

Product Comparison Chart of Best sleeping bag


Sea to Summit Thermolite Reactor

Cocoon Silk Mummy

Sea to Summit Adaptor COOLMAX

Cocoon Merino Wool

The Friendly Swede
STUFF SACK SIZE3 x 5 inches95″x 35 x 22″4 x 6 inches3.5 x 7 inches41″ x 86″



Draw- cord hoodDraw-cord hoodDraw -cord hoodDraw cord hoodZIPPER



+15 F20 F + 7 C
Item Dimensions LxWxH82 x 35 inches6 x 4 x 2 inches89 x 36 inches86 x 32 x 2486.61 x 41.34 x 0.2
ITEM WEIGHT8.1 ounces0.31 Pounds11.6 ounces17.5 ounces9.17 ounces

Finally, to find the best bag liner out of lots and lots of options, it’s hard to determine only one for everybody because it depends on the weather, baggage space, cleaning mechanism, and many other facts. So it’s only up to you whether you choose this one or the other. To end it, we prepared a cumulative comparison to help you sort your bag liner. You can also check out a waterproof tent its another important thing for a traveler or hiker

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